Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As a general dentist in Houston, we believe every tooth is vital and aim to save them all. Sometimes, preserving the tooth may harm your overall oral health, which is usually the case with impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can damage surrounding teeth, gum tissues, and bone structure.

At Sapphire Smiles, our comprehensive dentist will carefully examine your wisdom teeth to decide whether an extraction is necessary. Should this treatment be recommended, trust that Dr. Antoun has a gentle touch and will make every effort to ensure that you experience minimal pain during the extraction.
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What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a common name for your third molars, which are the last teeth to develop. Many people don't have adequate space in their mouths for these teeth to erupt, forcing them to become impacted. This common issue can be addressed with an extraction.

If your wisdom teeth emerge, they will be challenging to clean properly, which increases the risk of cavities and disease. Removing them is the best option for many patients.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Two kinds of extraction procedures can be used to remove wisdom teeth. If the teeth have grown through the gum line but require removal, the dentist can perform a simple extraction. This routine extraction is done using specialized instruments that can remove it from the socket within a few minutes.

Impacted teeth might need a more complex procedure because they are below the gumline. Symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include the following:

  • Redness, swelling, and tenderness around the gums
  • Swollen jaws
  • Bleeding gums
  • Jaw pain around the wisdom teeth
  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Problems while opening or closing the mouth
  • Trouble with moving the jaw

When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it requires a surgical extraction.

During these surgical extractions, our expert surgeon gently cuts into the gum tissue, removes the tooth, and places sutures. You must carefully follow the aftercare instructions to allow the area to heal correctly.

High-Quality Patient Care at Sapphire Smiles

Dr. Mary and Dr. Antoun understand that you trust them with your treatment, and they care about your comfort. A local anesthetic will numb the area being treated. They may recommend sedatives for patients who experience dental anxiety. This medication will enhance your patient experience by making the procedure more tolerable.

You may feel some discomfort in the days following your procedure. It can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medications.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are several advantages to having your wisdom teeth removed at Sapphire Smiles. Those benefits include:

  • Protecting adjacent teeth
  • Preventing and treating overcrowding
  • Preventing gum disease
  • Preventing a cyst due to partially or fully impacted teeth
If you are concerned that your wisdom teeth may be the source of your gum or jaw pain, we recommend learning more about the procedure by scheduling an appointment at Sapphire Smiles.

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