Your smile is more than a part of your face; it's a reflection of your personality. If you're unhappy or embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, you might benefit from a smile makeover. This series of customized dental procedures will help you love your smile and gain confidence. We see a number of patients that have great teeth, but they want that perfect smile. We offer many cosmetic procedures to help achieve this elevated look for your smile.

At Sapphire Smiles in Houston, Texas, we have the solution for failing, damaged, or missing teeth. As experienced cosmetic dentists in Houston, Dr. Mary and Dr. Antoun have an eye for detail and the skills for creating natural-looking results. With our specialized care that focuses on what you want, you can achieve the smile of your dreams and restore your oral health.
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What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover and a full mouth reconstruction are similar procedures, but they aim to produce different results. A full mouth reconstruction focuses on restoring the function of your teeth. Smile makeovers restore not only the function but also the appearance of your teeth.

You need a qualified cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover in Houston. Whether you have uneven, stained, chipped, or misaligned teeth, these concerns can be corrected with a smile makeover. This treatment is designed to resolve numerous cosmetic problems affecting your teeth.

Candidates for a Smile Makeover

Most candidates for a smile makeover are patients who are unhappy with how their teeth look. Other patients who will benefit from a smile makeover are those who have functional issues with their teeth.

Crooked and misshapen teeth or gaps in the mouth can impact speech and lead to other complications, like discomfort while chewing. The team at Sapphire Smiles will create a customized treatment plan according to your unique needs and goals.

Completely Customized Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most effective cosmetic dental procedures that will enhance your smile. These wafer-thin porcelain shells bond to the front of your teeth, creating a new, unblemished surface. We are known for our unique quality of work. You can achieve the perfect bright smile, yet it will look natural. Our veneers are not bulky and definitely do not look “fake.” Such a unique combination is due to our exclusive team of master ceramists who create veneers just for Sapphire Smiles. These master dental technicians are in continuous communication with our doctors. This allows for a high level of accuracy to achieve exactly the look you desire. When these restorations are completed by Dr. Mary and Dr. Antoun, you can expect them to look natural and feel the same as your real teeth. Porcelain veneers are recommended for:

  • Restoring chipped teeth
  • Eliminating gaps
  • Adding tooth length
  • Whitening teeth
  • Correcting overlapped or rotated teeth
  • Concealing misshapen teeth
  • Correcting bite problems
  • Widening the jaw, resulting in a “full smile” appearance
  • People seeking a “Hollywood” smile
  • Models and influencers who really value their smile

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a minimally invasive procedure in which the dentist trims the gum tissue to reveal more tooth structure. This trimming creates a more aesthetically pleasing gumline. At Sapphire Smiles, we use lasers and the latest technology for this treatment.

A 3D surgical guide will be fabricated to precisely guide the surgeon on the desired shape of the gums, leaving no room for error.

Some of the benefits of gum contouring include:

  • Permanent results
  • Natural-looking results
Gum contouring may also make you eligible for additional cosmetic procedures. It is often the first step in a combination of dental treatments that will create your most beautiful smile.

Digital Smile Design

We provide our patients with a one-of-a-kind experience. We do not design the smile we think you should like. We listen to what you desire and design the smile of your dreams. We begin our process by taking a lot of pictures of your smile and a digital scan of your teeth.

This information will be used with our smile design software, Exocad, which is extremely high-tech. Additionally, we will incorporate your input from your personal consultation with the doctor as we develop the new smile design. Before we touch your teeth, we will show you a 3D rendering, a video, and a printed model of how your new smile will look. Then we will fit you with temporary veneers as a prototype to wear and try out for a few weeks. This serves as a test drive to ensure that you love your new smile. Adjustments will be made to this prototype, if needed, to ensure your satisfaction.

Finally, very thin hand-made porcelain veneers will be fabricated and permanently bonded to your teeth so that you enjoy your new smile for the rest of your life! We spend a lot of time planning and designing and that’s why we are different.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

Over time, food and drinks like coffee, blueberries, and wine can stain your teeth and make your smile less appealing. But teeth whitening can reverse the effects of these substances. This treatment is a simple way to brighten your smile and create a more youthful appearance.

After you begin ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment, you will notice immediate results with considerable improvement in the whiteness of your smile.


With Invisalign, you can repair crooked or misaligned teeth with a nearly invisible alternative to traditional orthodontics. You'll receive a series of custom clear aligners that gently move your teeth into the correct positions, helping you achieve your smile goals.
These procedures include a few examples of what may be part of a smile makeover. However, every smile is different and Dr. Mary and Dr. Antoun provide a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient, taking into consideration the specific procedures which will result in the appearance the patient desires and what is needed to improve the overall health of the patient’s teeth and gums.

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Benefits of a Smile Makeover

It's been proven that people with healthy-looking, beautiful smiles are perceived as younger and more successful than those with multiple dental issues. A smile makeover might give you the confidence you need to ask for a raise, a promotion, or a date with a special someone.

Consider how a smile makeover could improve your overall dental health. Not only can it provide a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem, but it can also lead to improved oral hygiene habits and a healthier mouth overall.

Additionally, a smile makeover can also improve the overall health and function of your teeth and gums, which can reduce the risk of tooth loss and other dental problems.

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