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Mahoney's Journey

How Veneers Transformed Mahoney’s Smile

Mahoney came to Sapphire Smiles for a revision to a smile makeover that she had done with a different dentist. She was not happy with the results of her initial dental work and veneers. Some of her teeth were a different shade and some teeth even had the initial stages of decay. If you look closely at her “before” photo, you will see that the teeth are not straight and that the gum line is not even.

As we do with all of our patients, we began the process by careful evaluation and by creating a digital smile design. We took a lot of pictures and digital scans. The smile design we created is based on Mahoney’s unique facial features such as her pupils, jaw line, skin tone and facial midline.

During her preparation appointment, which took about three hours, we removed all of her old veneers and crowns. We cleaned out all of the decay and fitted her with a new set of temporary veneers.

We met with her a few days later to ensure that she was happy with the temporary veneers and to listen to her detailed feedback and make note of any adjustments. She was able to literally test drive her new smile for a few weeks until her permanent veneers arrived! These steps are unique to our practice and they ensure that the final result will be exactly what the patient and we expect.

The permanent veneers were created in a state-of-the-art lab with technicians who work exclusively with Sapphire Smiles and use only the highest quality porcelain. We bonded the permanent veneers to Mahony’s teeth and made the finishing touches to her gum line.
Note in the “after” images how her veneers have some mild translucency at the edge of the teeth, reflecting a youthful and healthy smile. We also created surface texture that makes the smile look more natural and vibrant. The choice of material is different in every smile makeover case. We do not use opaque, dull-looking material. When light hits her veneers, it shines through in the same way it would with clean, healthy enamel. This is the secret behind Sapphire veneers!

“I was very happy when I saw my new smile. I did not want to cry but I felt very emotional. It was amazing how my new smile makes me feel more comfortable and secure.”


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