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Ashia’s Journey

Transformative and Confidence-Restoring Smile Makeover in Houston

Ashia came to Sapphire Smiles — Houston’s smile makeover experts — because she was unhappy with the way her smile looked but wasn’t certain how to best repair it. If you look at her before-and-after photos, you can see her gum line and yellowish smaller teeth were the cause of her dissatisfaction. As a blogger, it was important for her to portray a smile that reflected who she really was.

Our first step was to listen attentively to her desires and goals. Ashia was dealing with stained, short, and yellowed teeth, and despite her vibrant and happy personality, her self-consciousness made her not want to smile freely. While she knew the end result she was after, she was unaware that her smile showed too much of her gums, which was a major reason for her dissatisfaction. 

Upon seeing the digital smile design, a standard part of the smile makeover process at Sapphire Smiles, Ashia recognized the need for a gum lift. Dr. Antoun ensured her needs were met and once her design was finalized and approved, she underwent a gum lift with our periodontist using our state-of-the-art laser technology for optimal results and fast healing.

The gum lift corrected her teeth' proportions, allowing our cosmetic dentist to create the perfect smile with porcelain veneers. Ashia received six porcelain veneers, with a strong emphasis on making them look natural to blend seamlessly with her existing teeth. We took a conservative approach, opting for minimal-prep veneers, which are very thin layers of porcelain. In addition, we also whitened her teeth around the veneers. This process completely transformed her smile, boosting her confidence and allowing her radiance to shine through. 

The “gum lift” procedure using the latest laser technology reset her “gummy smile” and set up a perfect foundation for the porcelain veneers, using only the finest quality porcelain. The team at Sapphire Smiles then expertly bonded these custom veneers to Ashia's teeth with her new gum line and whitened the rest of her teeth.
Take notice in the “after” photos of how Ashia’s gum line is now proportionate to the size of her teeth. Our experts at Sapphire Smiles don’t just add veneers and call it a day — careful attention is paid to how the rest of the mouth affects the teeth to produce the optimal end smile result, including the gum line transformation. We also incorporated a subtle translucency at the edges of her teeth and added surface texture to enhance the natural and vibrant look of her smile, which gives her smile a youthful and healthy appearance.

“My smile makeover has changed the way I feel about myself. I feel okay to smile and to laugh around people and not have to think twice. I love my smile now — I’m just smiling all the time!”


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