Intraoral cameras are advanced oral dental cameras with which the dentist can look inside your mouth for high-quality and instant dental photography and videos. Intraoral cameras and imaging software produce high-quality images of the insides of your mouth, allowing advanced diagnostics.

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Introduction to Intraoral Dental Cameras

In the past, dentists could only use small mirrors and lights to look inside your mouths. As you can imagine, mirrors and lights could only provide partial and obstructed view inside your oral cavities. However, intraoral cameras are incredibly advanced dental video cameras that provide high-quality and instant dental photography and videos. The intraoral dental camera displays the insides of your mouth on a computer screen, allowing the dentist to look for the tiniest of deformities and anomalies. As such, dentists can identify dental problems and signs of oral cancer at the earliest stage possible.

Intraoral dental cameras are handheld devices that the dentist can guide into your mouth. As the intraoral camera descends into your oral cavity, it provides instant high-quality images of your gums and teeth for accurate dental photography. Intraoral cameras are user-friendly, and they have auto-focus and focus range features, allowing the dentist to focus on potential problem areas for accurate diagnostics. Dental video cameras capture small fractures, tiny cavities, lumps, and all other problems with the greatest focus. As such, intraoral cameras have revolutionized the diagnosis of dental diseases, allowing dentists to treat issues before they become serious.

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Advantages of Dental Photography with Intraoral Dental Video Cameras

  • Provide high-quality images and videos of oral cavities.
  • Accurately examine the tiniest of deformities and anomalies in your dental structure.
  • Features like auto-focus and focus range hone in on potential problem areas.
  • Accurate diagnosis of dental problems at the earliest stage possible.
  • Dental photography with high-quality images and videos that serve as visual evidence for insurance coverage.
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Intra oral cameras allows us to see and treat dental issues before they become serious. Schedule online today!

Intra Oral Camera Q&As

What are intraoral cameras used for?

Dentists use intraoral cameras to produce high-quality images of oral cavities from difficult angles, accessing parts of the mouth that they can’t otherwise. Advanced dental video cameras allow dentists to examine margins, identifying the tiniest of hairline fractures and cracks. The digital photography produced with the intraoral camera allows the dentist to show you all the problem areas, so you can discuss the ideal treatment options. Dental photography also allows the dentist to track changes in problem areas over an extended period, determining if the area needs treatment. The high-quality images and digital photography can also be preserved in the patient’s records for later use by dentists, the patient, or insurance providers.

Will you use an intraoral camera for every dental appointment?

Digital photography with intraoral cameras isn’t necessary for every dental appointment. However, the dentist will use intraoral cameras and dental video software during all dental checkups and diagnosis processes to look for warning signs and symptoms of dental decay.

What should I expect from intraoral images?

You can expect high-quality intraoral images that show you exactly where the problem areas exist. Without intraoral images, you have to take the dentist at their word. However, intraoral images provide visual evidence of the dentist’s diagnosis. The high-quality intraoral images also allow you to track dental problems, thus allowing you to decide if and when you need treatment.

Why do dentists take photographs?

Dentists take dental photographs for several reasons:

  • To show you dental problems and accurately discuss treatments.
  • To track your dental problems over time.
  • To preserve the patient’s records for future reference.
  • To show insurance providers as evidence for the necessity of certain dental procedures.

Is the intraoral camera safe?

Intraoral cameras are designed specifically for dental purposes, so they’re completely safe. The dental intraoral camera is also designed such that it will be perfectly comfortable inside your mouth.

What are the benefits of a dental digital examination?

The following are the primary benefits of dental photography examination with intraoral cameras.

  • Preventive Dentistry: Dental digital examination allows dentists to capture the minutest of problems in the deepest recesses of your mouth, including gum disease, tooth decay, malocclusion, fractures, or oral cancer. As such, the dentist can take preemptive action to treat the issue before it gets worse.
  • Lower Radiation Exposure: Intraoral digital cameras produce no radiation, and they’re often used instead of traditional x-rays. As such, substituting x-rays for dental photography minimizes your exposure to radiation.
  • Versatility: In traditional diagnosis, the dentist would have used a small mirror and light, so there would be no photographic evidence of their findings. However, intraoral cameras allow you to see the visuals and high-quality images on a screen. The results can also be printed, emailed, shared, or stored elsewhere.
  • Efficient: Traditional x-rays take a while to produce. However, digital x-rays and dental photography are instantaneous, making them far more efficient.

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