Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration is a procedure in which the dentist uses bone grafting material and tissue membranes to facilitate dental bone and gum regeneration. Guided tissue bone regeneration can be used in any situation that leads to a severe loss of gum tissues and bone structure, but it’s commonly used to reverse the damage caused by periodontitis, a severe bacterial infection of the teeth and gums.

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Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration is a procedure in which the dentist uses bone grafting material to ensure jawbone regeneration. The primary purpose of guided bone regeneration is ensuring you have sufficient bone structure to support dental implants, the best tooth replacement option available.

Loss of teeth also leads to loss of bone structure under the socket of the missing tooth, since the jawbone no longer has an impetus to grow. Over time, your jawbone atrophies, and you can lose up to 25% of your jawbone structure within a year of your tooth loss. Without enough jawbone, you can’t get dental implants.

Getting dental implants is the most effective means of replacing a missing tooth. The dentist plants a titanium post into the jawbone of the missing tooth. Over time, the jawbone heals and grows around the implant, rooting it firmly in place. The titanium implant serves as a foundation on which dental crowns and bridges can be attached.

Guided bone regeneration leads to the growth of the lost jawbone, which, in turn, allows you to get dental implants. During the guided bone regeneration procedure, the dentist plants bone grafting material into the gum flaps of the empty socket with some collagen. The bone graft material facilitates bone growth, eventually restoring the lost jawbone structure.

The bone graft material can be derived from various sources — another part of your body, another individual, an animal, or synthetic sources. Your dentist will discuss the pros, cons, and costs associated with all types of GTR and bone graft material, allowing you to make an informed choice.

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration is a procedure in which the dentist uses tissue membranes to regrow gum tissues. Guided tissue regeneration is generally necessary if periodontitis, or other dental problems, has led to significant loss of gum tissues.

Guided tissue regeneration can also be used for cosmetic purposes if you believe you have insufficient gum tissues for optimal cosmetic symmetry and proportionality. As such, guided tissue regeneration can be used as a restorative or cosmetic procedure.

During the guided tissue generation procedure, the dentist removes any and all infected gum tissues from your mouth to treat bacterial infection. Following that, the dentist plants soft membranes into your gingival flaps. The tissue membranes lead to dental gum regeneration, eventually absorbing the tissue membranes and restoring healthy gums.

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Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration Q&As

Is guided tissue regeneration necessary?

Guided tissue regeneration is necessary because it helps your body regrow gum tissues and hard tissues. Gum diseases and periodontitis lead to significant loss of bone and tissue structure, weakening the surrounding teeth and dental structures. Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) helps regrow gum tissues to support your teeth.

How does guided tissue regeneration work?

Guided tissue regeneration works with the aid of tissue membranes and bone graft materials planted over damaged bones. Once the membrane is placed between the bones and gums, your bone and gum tissues start growing and regenerating. Within six months, the damage caused by gum disease is effectively reversed, and you have fresh gum and bone tissues in place.

Can bone regenerate after periodontal disease?

Yes, bone can regenerate after periodontal disease. Your dentist may recommend guided bone regeneration, a procedure in which the dentist plants bone graft material within the affected gum flaps to regrow bone and gum tissues, restoring the original appearance and health of bone tissues.

Do dental implants stimulate bone growth?

Yes, dental implants do stimulate bone growth. Once the dentist attaches the titanium post within your jawbone, your bone structure gradually grows and heals around the implant, rooting it in place. However, dental implants don’t stimulate bone growth enough to reverse significant bone loss. In fact, if you don’t have sufficient jawbone to support the titanium post, you can’t get dental implants.

Are there different types of bone grafts & GBR membranes?

Yes, bone grafts can be derived from several sources. You can get bone grafts from another part of your body, such as your chin or hip bone. You can also opt for a bone graft from human organ donors, purified bone minerals, other animals, or synthetic materials.

There are also several types of GBR membranes. Some GBR membranes are made of synthetic polymers and have to be removed shortly after the procedure, and some are made of natural materials that get absorbed by the body.

What happens if I don't get a bone graft?

If you don’t get a dental bone graft, you will continue losing the jawbone structure around the missing tooth. The loss of teeth leads to jawbone atrophy, and you can lose up to 25% of your jawbone structure within a year. Without bone grafts, your jawbone will atrophy, and you won’t be suitable for dental implants.

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