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Proper preventive dental care is critical for keeping your smile healthy. With regular cleanings, oral exams, and other routine dental services, you can prevent common dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. If you’re due for a checkup, schedule an appointment today! 

Preventive Services We offer:

Cleanings & Exams

Routine cleanings and oral exams are the cornerstones of preventive dentistry. We will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, brush and polish them, and floss to remove any remaining debris. With his extensive training and attention to detail, Dr. Antoun will perform a comprehensive oral exam to identify any potential issues. X-rays may also be taken, if necessary.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are used to remineralize (strengthen) teeth that have been weakened by oral bacteria and acid. We will paint the fluoride-rich varnish onto your teeth. This non-invasive treatment restores weak enamel, prevents cavities, and reverses the initial stage of tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants consist of a white dental resin that is applied to your molars after a cleaning. The resin hardens into a strong barrier and prevents the direct contact of bacteria, food, and acid with your enamel. This strong barrier reduces the chance that cavities will form. With proper care, they can last several years.

Periodontal Care

Periodontal care is essential for protecting your mouth from the damaging effects of gum disease. For early-stage gum disease, Dr. Antoun offers scaling and root planing (also known as a “deep cleaning”). We also provide surgical intervention for patients with more severe cases of periodontitis, such as gum grafting and gum flap surgery.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We include oral cancer screenings as part of every oral health exam. Dr. Antoun will look for any potential signs of oral cancer, such as lesions, discolored patches of tissue, and more. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that you get the specialized help you need in the rare event that we notice a potential problem.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Many people’s wisdom teeth grow in between the ages of 17-25. If they do not have room in their mouths for these new molars, extraction may be recommended. Wisdom teeth that are growing in improperly can cause severe decay of the adjacent teeth, crowding, alignment issues, jaw pain, and can undo years of orthodontic treatments.


Preventive Dentistry at Sapphire Smiles

Looking to keep your smile bright and healthy? Preventive care from Dr. Antoun is the best way to avoid common dental issues and keep your teeth strong.

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The Importance of Routine Cleanings & Exams

Routine checkups are the best time for Dr. Antoun to examine your mouth and catch any potential signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Early prevention of these issues is essential for maintaining a healthy smile. Schedule a preventive appointment every six months to stay on top of your oral health.

The Benefits of Preventative care

Preventive care keeps your mouth free of common oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease, which saves you both time and money. Routine preventive care also removes plaque and tartar, which can contribute to stains and discoloration. You’ll also get peace of mind, knowing that your smile is healthy and strong.

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

In cases of moderate to severe gum disease, or periodontitis, we use Arestin to fight the infection. This local antibiotic is applied at the depth of your gum pocket in areas that are otherwise hard to reach. The antibiotic will continue to fight the infection for three weeks. When combined with deep cleaning, Arestin is an effective tool for treating gum disease and reducing pocket depths.

Learn More About Wisdom Teeth

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Find out why you may need to get them removed and explore the benefits of wisdom tooth extraction by watching the video below.

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