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Restore Damaged & Missing Teeth

If you have one or more damaged or missing teeth, a dental crown or bridge from Dr. Antoun at Sapphire Smiles may be right for you. We use the highest-quality, lab-made crowns and bridges and modern technology for superior results.

The Benefits of Crowns & Bridges


With our flexible financing options and variety of in-network insurances, our services can accommodate any budget, so you can get the restorative care you need.


Dental crowns and bridges can be used for a variety of reasons including to replace missing teeth, to cover severe staining, and to repair cracked or damaged teeth.


Dr. Antoun will work with a local dental lab to craft your custom dental crown or bridge for a completely natural look and feel.


Crowns & Bridges at Sapphire Smiles

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What Are Crowns & Bridges?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental prosthetic that mimics the shape of your own tooth. (It will look so natural that only Dr. Antoun and you will know that you have a crown on that tooth!) Crowns are designed to fit over your tooth and completely cover it. The tooth is prepared, then the crown is bonded in place permanently. This protects the remaining tooth structure from further damage, so crowns are often used for teeth that have large cavities, to protect teeth after root canals, and to repair teeth damaged by oral trauma, such as nighttime grinding.

Dental bridges use two dental crowns, which attach to healthy “abutment” teeth. Then, a false tooth, or pontic, is suspended between these crowns in the gap where one or more of your missing teeth used to be. Dental bridges replace missing teeth as an alternative to partial dentures and dental implants.

The Crown Placement Process

It takes two appointments to place a dental crown. At your first appointment, Dr. Antoun will begin by numbing your mouth and cleaning the treatment area. Then, he will use a dental drill to remove any damaged or decayed material from your tooth and shape it into a strong, stable platform onto which the crown can be placed.

Once this is complete, we’ll take scans of your teeth. These images will be sent to a high-end dental lab where an artist will hand craft your crown. This will take a few weeks, so Dr. Antoun will apply a temporary crown to your tooth before he sends you home. 

In two weeks, you’ll come back to our office and Dr. Antoun will check the fit of your crown, then bond it into place permanently with dental cement, completing the procedure.

Do Dental Crowns hurt?

No. You’ll be completely numb throughout your preparation appointment. Your tooth may feel a little sore after it has been prepared, but this discomfort is normal and will go away after a day or so. Getting a crown placed doesn't hurt either. We'll ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, and you'll leave our office with a beautiful new smile.

Learn More About Dental Bridges

Interested in exploring your options for smile restoration? Watch the video below to get more information on dental bridges. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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