Getting Dental Care (Without Going To A Dentist’s Office) At Sapphire Smiles

If you need to see a dentist in Houston Heights or Rice Military, but your busy schedule makes it hard to get an appointment or you can’t come into Sapphire Smiles for any other reason, we can still provide you with a virtual appointment. Learn more about Your Virtual Consult below, and see why it’s a great option if you need to get dental care without going to a dentist’s office.

Dr. Antoun Can Assess Your Oral Health Without An In-Person Visit 

Your Virtual Consult is the best way to get a quick oral health assessment of your smile without an in-person dental visit. Here’s how it works. 

  • Take pictures of your teeth – You can use the Your Virtual Consult website to quickly take a few photos of your smile using your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll get more detailed instructions on how to take these pictures when you get started with your consultation.
  • Tell us about your teeth – Do you have a toothache? Worried your tooth is cracked? Want to restore stained or yellowed teeth? Just write a quick comment for Dr. Antoun outlining the problems you’re facing with your smile, so that he can respond with the right dental advice for your situation.
  • Get your custom video response – After reviewing your photos and comments, Dr. Antoun will record a video answering your questions about your smile, and provide you with his opinion on the best next steps for your case. Then, you can schedule a consultation at our office right away to get started.

In these simple steps, you can get expert advice on dental care without going to the dentist’s office. If you’d like to get started now, just click here to visit Sapphire Smiles on Your Virtual Consult, and follow the instructions to get a consultation right away.

Why Should I Use Your Virtual Consult For A Virtual Dental Appointment?

Not sure if you should use Your Virtual Consult to get a customized video response from Dr. Antoun? Here are a few benefits of the service.

  • Get answers about your smile – If you want cosmetic dentistry, for example, Dr. Antoun can quickly help you understand the treatments that may be right for you, such as teeth whitening, veneers, or dental bonding.
  • Free with no commitment – Your Virtual Consult with Sapphire Smiles is completely free, and there’s absolutely no commitment. Whether you’re thinking about seeing us for the first time or are getting a second opinion, this is a great way to learn more about our services and expertise without paying for an appointment at our office.
  • Care on your schedule – It’s not always convenient to see the dentist. But with Your Virtual Consult at Sapphire Smiles, you can get an appointment from Dr. Antoun whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Get Started Now With Your Virtual Consult 

If you’d like to get a quick appointment to discuss your oral health with Dr. Antoun, Your Virtual Consult is an ideal choice. Click here to get started. Ready to get in-person care? You can schedule an appointment at Sapphire Smiles by contacting us online, or giving us a call at 832-409-0400. 

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