Sedation dentistry provides both physical and mental comfort by relieving pain and anxiety. Dental sedation dentistry comes in various styles and techniques meant for different types of procedures. Mild dental procedures like teeth cleaning may only necessitate mild sedation dentistry, such as laughing gas dentistry. However, some invasive procedures and oral surgeries may necessitate sleep dentistry or IV sedation dentistry.

Sapphire Smiles wants to ensure that all of your dental procedures are comfortable, both physically and emotionally. We also believe in instilling a healthy attitude towards dentistry, and that begins by relieving patients of the anxieties and fears they may carry about dental treatments. As such, our dental clinic provides some of the safest sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry solutions for dental procedures.

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Laughing Gas Dentistry

Laughing gas is the mildest form of sedation dentistry composed of a gas made of nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. You have to inhale the laughing gas through a mask, and it takes effect soon after you inhale it. The laughing gas displaces the oxygen in your lungs, temporarily inducing oxygen deprivation in your brains, which leads to a lightheaded sensation. Laughing gas induces giggles and produces a warm and tingling sensation in which everything appears dream-like. The effects of laughing gas wear off soon after you stop inhaling the gas. Laughing gas dentistry is completely safe for children and adults. You can also drive yourself home after you’ve recovered from laughing gas. Dentists provide laughing gas to calm anxieties and fears during simple dental procedures, like wisdom teeth removal, teeth cleaning, etc.

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Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral sedation dentistry is also called “conscious sedation dentistry” because you are awake during the procedure. The dentist may ask you to take one pill the night before the procedure and another pill just an hour before the procedure. However, the administration may vary based on the upcoming procedure. Oral sedation dentistry leaves you awake but in a relaxed and calm state of mind. Oral sedation dentistry is usually prescribed to patients with high levels of anxiety and stress. Even though you’re awake for the procedure, you may remember little to none of what happened during the procedure. The dentist may also hook you to some devices that monitor your vitals during the procedure. After the procedure, you may feel sleepy, so you should have someone else drive you back from the dentist. You’ll recover completely by the next day.

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IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry can also be broken down into subcategories, depending on the intensity of the dental sedation. Twilight IV sedation dentistry is a milder form of IV sedation, in which you are conscious but don’t remember much of the procedure after it concludes. General anesthesia is a more intense form of IV sedation, and it’s commonly referred to as sleep dentistry. General anesthesia is pretty uncommon and only used for patients who have to undergo severe oral surgeries or those who are resistant to other forms of sedation dentistry. General anesthesia puts you to sleep, and it needs to be administered in a hospital or specialized clinic by an anesthesiologist. However, in most cases, your dentist will provide twilight IV sedation dentistry rather than general anesthesia.

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Sedation Dentistry Q&As

How safe is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is completely safe when provided by experienced dentists. However, sedation dentistry may pose certain risks to people who are obese, have sleep apnea, or other conditions. However, your dentist will determine if sedation dentistry is completely safe for you before proceeding with it.

How long does dental sedation last?

The effects of different types of dental sedation last for different periods. The effects of laughing gas usually wear off a few minutes after you stop receiving nitrous oxide, and you’re even allowed to drive yourself back home. The effects of oral sedation dentistry may last for about 24 hours, and you may feel sleepy, so you’re advised to have someone else drive you home. The effects of general anesthesia or IV sedation dentistry usually last for around 24 hours, but your body will take up to a week to expel all of the medicines.

Are you put to sleep for wisdom teeth removal?

Sleep dentistry isn’t necessary for wisdom teeth removal. If you’re feeling anxious about the procedure, the dentist will provide laughing gas to make you feel calm and comfortable. Sleep dentistry will only be used if you don’t respond to other forms of sedation dentistry.

What are the benefits of sedation?

  • Anxiety Relief: If you’re anxious or scared, sedation dentistry calms your nerves.
  • Anterograde Amnesia: Most sedation dentistry techniques make you forget the procedure even if you’re technically conscious. This may be desirable for those who are terrified of dental procedures.
  • Anesthetic: Sedation dentistry also has an analgesic effect that prevents you from feeling pain or discomfort.
  • Efficiency: The dentist can work faster and treat your condition better if he doesn’t also have to tend to your discomfort.

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Sapphire Smiles wants to ensure that all your dental procedures are physically and emotionally comfortable. You should have no pain, discomfort, or anxiety during dental treatment. Furthermore, we believe children and kids should grow up with a healthy attitude towards dentistry. As such, you can ask our dentist for sedation dentistry if you have any fears or anxieties. For more information, please contact our affordable sedation dentistry clinic in Houston Heights.